Monday, January 19, 2009

Family Pictures

We have NEVER had a family picture taken.....It has been a long time coming. We even got all the kids to look in the right direction, and we got Rich to smile!!! Besides Taylor freaking out that she was going to fall in the pool, it was pretty painless. So here we are....Thanks Danielle & Nikki

Merry Christmas 2008

I think one of main reasons why I love Christmas is
because we get to see all of our extended
family. Having all of my brothers and sisters
in the same place is quite an accomplishment!
It's so fun just to be together. Love you guys!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

It's About Time.....(says the Carrino's)

Well, it's about time I set up one of these blogs. I am sick and tired of looking at everyone else's(namely the Carrino's) and wishing I had the time. Well I am making the time, so here goes.... It's Christmas time at the Orellano household. My absolute favorite time of the year!!! I even got Rich to listen to a little bit of Christmas music (that's a huge accomplishment). We have spent more time this year focusing on our Saviour more than ever. I was in charge of our Ward Christmas Party and the theme was "gifts". Not the presents we give to each other, but the gifts we have and the gifts we give to each other that don't cost a thing. (service, fellowship, friendship, compassion) I got to work with some amazing women that run our local food pantry, and was so touched by their desire to feed the hungry. It has changed my focus this year. I am so thankful, even in these difficult times for so many things in my life. Just when I think we are struggling, I find someone who is struggling more than me. I have a husband that loves me deeply and four children that are the joy of my life. I have a teenager that i still like :) Life is good!!!! We are blessed!!!!